How it all started

I have had the pleasure of serving Eugene and Springfield birth community for over 10 years as a birth doula and I co-own Blissful Beginnings a birth and postpartum doula agency.

Even though I had spent many years in the birth world I would have never believed that I would have anything to do with placentas. I, like most of the world, viewed them as medical waste and a yucky byproduct of birth.  As a doula I supported the clients that choose to encapsulate or consume their placenta, but didn’t know very much about the how and why and that was okay by me.

As it happens while doing work trade at the Midwifery Today Conference I was assigned to a class all about placentas! UGH! and no one would trade me! So I sat and listened and learned. I became somewhat impressed with this “disposable organ” as I learned more about its functions and anatomy. Next I had a midwife offer to teach me how to process and encapsulate a placenta. I was intrigued by this placenta consumption concept but before I decided to learn the process I did extensive research on the history of placentaphagey and how it might just be more than a “celebrity fad”. Though the studies are small and more research is desperately needed the consistent praise from women who have consumed their placenta is hard to ignore. I accepted that midwifes offer and learned how to take something that would otherwise be thrown into an incinerator and deliver properly and safely processed placenta capsules right to a new mom’s door.

The placenta is no longer an ambivalent mass to me. It is something I now respect and am in awe of its purpose and function in supporting a growing fetus and then in the postpartum period to help support the scopious transition into new parenthood. I treat each placenta I process with the reverence that this wondrous life giving organ deserves. I also handle each placenta with the professional care and safety protocols that must be implemented when handling human tissue and blood products. Safety is paramount.

Thank you considering Oregon Placenta to provide encapsulation services. I look forward to serving you.

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