Special equipment and supplies are needed when working with BBP

BBP stands for blood borne pathogens.

I mentioned in a previous post about natural cleaners; working with placentas requires knowledge and implementation of safety policies and procedures. Because there is a risk of infections and cross contamination when dealing with blood products a lot of the supplies I use to process a placenta are not reusable. This is standard in labs, hospitals & birth centers.

For each placenta I use the following single use items

  • cooler
  • baggies for ice
  • chux pad
  • cutting board
  • knife and/or scissors
  • paper towels
  • latex free gloves
  • scrubbing pad for day 1
  • scrubbing pad for day 2
  • 2 plastic bags

The products I reuse after properly cleaning and sanitizing

  • colander
  • steamer
  • dehydrator
  • capsule machine
  • grinder
  • sifter
  • stainless steel bowls

Using industry standards in cleaning and sanitizing reusable equipment and opting for disposable products when indicated, I strive to provide my clients with SAFE, Caring, Professional service.

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