Birth Center Pick-up

Here’s what you need to know about having your placenta picked-up when birthing at the PeaceHealth Midwifery Birth Center.

Please assign someone to be in charge of your placenta. This can be your partner or a support person, or your doula. Make sure the cooler that was mailed to you is packed in your birth bag before you head to the birth center. Let the birth center staff know you will be keeping your placenta for encapsulation.

Once you have delivered and the placenta has been examined, the birth center staff will bag the placenta and should place your patient label on the bag for identification. It is very important to have this label on the bag to properly identify your placenta.

There is no “Placenta Fridge/Storage” at the birth center so you should have the placenta placed in the cooler, with baggies of ice packed around it, shortly after delivery. There is an ice machine at the birth center and baggies are mailed with your cooler.

Depending on the time of delivery/release I may pick up at the Birth Center or you may need to take the placenta home for me to pick-up there. If the placenta goes home with you it should go right into the fridge but not stay in there longer than 2-4 days and should be placed in the freezer if it will not be processed within that time.

I deliver your finished capsules to your home.

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