Home Birth Pick-up

Here’s what you need to know about placenta pick-up and your home birth.

Please assign someone to be in charge of your placenta. This can be your partner or support person, your doula, your midwife, or her assistant.

Once you have delivered and the placenta has been examined, the person in charge of it should place the placenta in a gallon size food grade zipperlock bag. Then place it in another gallon bag that has your full name and delivery date clearly marked on it.

Place the double-bagged placenta in the fridge within a few hours of delivery.

The placenta should not stay in the fridge longer than 2-4 days and should be placed in the freezer if it will not be processed within that time.

Call or text 541.359.8258 for pickup.

I bring a cooler with me for transporting the placenta.

Within a few days, I will return with the finished capsules.

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