McKenzie-Willamette Pick-up


Here’s what you need to know about placenta pick-up at McKenzie-Willamette Hospital.

Please let your doctor and nurses know you are keeping your placenta. You should ask your partner, support person or doula be in charge of the placenta.

Once you deliver and your doctor has examined the placenta the staff will place it in a bag. They often place it in a plastic tub, however the tub does not fit in the cooler. You can show the cooler to the staff and ask them to skip the tub and just use the bags. Your patient label which has your full name must be on the bagged placenta.

McKenzie-Willamette does NOT have anywhere for your placenta to be kept cool until pick-up. You will receive a cooler to use. Baggies are included with your cooler, these can be filled with ice and packed around the placenta to keep it cool until pick-up.

Call me or text with your full name and room number for placenta pick-up. I come to your hospital room and retrieve the placenta.

Finished capsules will be deliver to your home within a few days.

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